My name is Mollie Mraz, and I've had a creative spirit since the beginning. 
(yes, that is a Mr. Sketch smelly marker mustache) 

Graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2006, with a BA in Electronic Media and Film. Since then, I have worked at several agencies/companies, wearing various hats. Stylish headpieces I have donned: production assistant, production coordinator, tech support, photo editor, and video editor.  Some have rather informal titles, such as 'Unsolicited Incorrect Punctuation Pointer-Outer', 'Problem Solver Extraordinaire', and 'Tedious Task Master'. I can also MacGuyver the heck out of most anything when needed.
I thrive on being useful and needed.

Some of my hobbies and interests include: late-night Amazon and eBay shopping, watching movies (Jurassic Park is my Citizen Kane), crafting (part of that MacGuyver thing), writing, learning to sew (learning in general), decorating, thrifting, collecting and curating my vinyl collection, reading, learning new words, organizing, colours, puzzles, memes, dad jokes, puns (mine are better in person), Queen's English, portmanteaus, Arnie Grape, synthesizers, James Dean, pondering life's minutiae, and my four-legged gremlin, Zelda (@ZeldaTheBengal).